Thor Energy PLC (ASX / AIM: THR) is an exploration company with a focus on uranium and energy metals that are crucial in the shift to a ‘green’ energy economy. Thor has a number of highly prospective projects that give shareholders exposure to uranium, nickel, copper, lithium and gold. Our projects are located in Australia and the USA, both of which are top mining jurisdictions, and are poised for discovery success.

Thor is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in London and the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the ticker “THR”. Thor is also listed on the OTC Exchange in New York under the ticker “THORF”.

in-demand commodities

Supportive mining jurisdictions

Diversified, de-risked explorer

High-value discovery focus





22 countries want to triple nuclear power.
Is there enough uranium to go around?

Uranium has been hot this year, industry experts say. The trouble is there may not be enough to go around.

The squeeze on the metal, found in rocks and seawater, intensified recently after 22 countries, including the US, recently signed a pact at the UN Climate Change conference to triple their nuclear power capacity by 2050.

“There’s no other way to meet those net-zero carbon goals other than nuclear energy,” said Nicole Galloway Warland, managing director of Thor Energy (THORF), an exploration company with projects in Utah and Colorado.

The company has a number of highly prospective projects in Australia and the USA with potential to generate significant investor value. Its portfolio covers a broad range of in demand battery and strategic minerals – including Gold, Nickel, Copper, Tungsten, Lithium and Uranium.

Thor Energy is a mining exploration company with a focus on discovery success. The management team has extensive experience in the mining and finance sectors. They are practised in: evaluating mining assets; raising funds on international capital markets; evaluating acquisition and investment prospects and the day to day management of public companies and mining operations.